• "Yalla" or “Yala” in  Arabic “Come On” or “Let’s Get Going”.يَلا

    Since 2012, “YallaMedia” have established a unique print and distribution advertising platform to communicate the many attractions, points of interest and things to DO during your stay in the United Arab Emirates. Our aim is to support the “Vision of Our Leaders” in positioning the UAE as an attractive world-wide destination. 

    Whether you’re a tourist, visitor or resident, LOOK out for our promotional mini cards placed in branded floor stands visible in prestigious Hotels and Apartments within the region, or simply visit our website, select the activity of your choice, then download, scan, or book online, to redeem your Mini Card offer today and enjoy all the benefits the United Arab Emirates has to offer. 

    We will keep YOU updated “Innovation Through Information”

    What We Do?

    Yalla Media Mini Cards aim, is to provide tourists, residents and visitors to the United Arab Emirates with information at a glance to make your stay in the UAE as enjoyable as possible. If you enjoy outdoor activities, desert safari or just wish to take in a sight seeing tour or a simple cruise around the marina then look no further. Our site, highlights several special offers, discounts and promotions that can easily be redeemed through our partners who services and facilities are available for you to embrace. 

    Digital Website

    We have created our Website  with you as the visitor in mind and would like to hear from you any ideas and suggestions that can improve the content of our website. Simply contact us on shaik@yallamediadistribution.com and forward your thoughts.