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    Visit Ajman
    • Visit Ajman
    • The new Ajman app is the essential guide and travel planner to discover and explore Ajman. From finding nearby attractions to booking accommodation with the help of Trip Advisor and booking.com, first time visitors will feel like locals with curated itineraries off the beaten track, handpicked restaurant recommendations, events and more. A gem on the Arabian Gulf, Ajman is one of the seven emirates of the UAE. With a culture steeped in exceptional hospitality Ajman is a place where neighbors still celebrate life together, guests are warmly welcomed and sincere generosity is evidenced throughout everyday life. Highlights of the Ajman app include: - Find nearby attractions and activities, from museums to desert safaris - Trip Advisor hotel reviews - Reserve accommodation with booking.com - Hand-picked restaurant recommendations - Plan itinerary or choose from curated list Other functions include: - Text to speech functionality - Voice capabilities for search - Save favorites to browse through later - Turn off roaming

    Ajman DED
    • Ajman DED
    • Ajman DED Smart App is the Ajman Economic Department's official mobile application that helps the residents of UAE and foreigners' investors to get information and use economic services in Ajman. Ajman DED provides a convenient, comfortable and easy service for locals, residents, investors and foreigners. Ajman DED Smart App enables investors to get updated economical legislations, news, updates …etc. Ajman DED Smart App users can easily get legal assistance through legal advisor. Users can easily browse the service directory to have detailed information about the licensing process, required documents, legal types …etc. Ajman DED Smart App users can utilize from the list of available electronic services to improve their interaction with the department (i.e. licensing renewal). Ajman DED Smart App home page has been designed using clock wise model to improve the user experience and assist App administrator to manage and improve the main services and home pages highlights. Economic Department in the Emirate of Ajman launches the Smart App aiming towards the achievement of a comprehensive and sustainable economic development in the Emirate by carrying out the following: Adoption of the best economic and administrative practices used locally and regionally and internationally in carrying out the economic activities and using the best modern technologies and methods relating to the collection of information and economic data and in formulating the appropriate plans for ensuring the best use of financial and human resources and abilities available in the Emirate. Provision of the required infrastructure for the achievement of a diversified economy of resources in the Emirate and the achievement of the continuous and sustainable development for all economic sectors in the Emirate. Economic promotion for the Emirate, locally and internationally, and the provision of the developed legislative environment and best climate for attracting the local and foreign investments and accurate information and data and the opportunities for using the modern technology to find out all investment opportunities available in the Emirate, easily and smoothly. Raising awareness among the public, and the business community in the Emirate and providing them with the adequate information and data on the course of the various economic activities inside and outside the Emirate.

    Fly Dubai
    • Fly Dubai
    • With this app at your fingertips, you can reach Fly Dubai's domestic and foreign flights with the same comfort and assurance that Fly Dubai lets you. It is now easier to get the cheap flights and airline tickets with the fly Dubai App.Fly Dubai is the rising star of the airways

    Air Arabia
    • Air Arabia
    • Air Arabia - More than just low fares Travelling with Air Arabia is now even easier with this FREE Android application. You can search, book, add services and manage your flights all in the palm of your hand. What can you do with this app? - BOOK FLIGHTS: The quickest way to search and book Air Arabia flights. - MANAGE YOUR BOOKINGS: Modify your flight dates or add services to your booking (baggage, seats, meals...). - CHECK-IN ONLINE: Check-in online for your flight and avoid the queues at the airport. - FLIGHT SCHEDULE: Check the flight timings and plan your travel dates. - MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Our Android app is available in English, Arabic and French. - LOGIN AND SAVE YOUR DETAILS: Login once and load your profile so that never enter your passenger and contact details again.

    Al Ansari Exchange
    • Al Ansari Exchange
    • Convert exchange rates, remit smarter and send to anywhere around the world from Al Ansari Exchange. This app will enable you to lock best exchange rates, book your transaction ahead, and pay at any of Al Ansari Exchange branches across UAE. Even better, you can conveniently make credit card payments, convert currencies, locate Al Ansari Exchange branches, get the latest updates, and many more. The world’s safest way to remit m-way is here. FEATURES: ========== Al Ansari Exchange app has everything you need: • Transfer money locally and internationally. • Customer can choose the rate and lock it for 4 hours – even if the rate goes up in the market, you still get the locked rate favoring you. • Best rate guarantee • Pay your credit card bills. • Track your mobile app transactions anytime, anywhere. • Get special offers only available to mobile customers. • No hidden/ additional charges – same money transfer charges as you do in the branch. • Currency converter. • Pay cash at our exclusive counters and finish the time at our branch in less than 2 minutes. • Locate and get the details of all Al Ansari Exchange branches across the UAE. HOW IT WORKS: ============== 1. Download Al Ansari Exchange app. 2. Sign up: a. If you are an Existing customer of Al Ansari Exchange, you can sign-up using the same mobile number used to transact in the branch previously. b. For New customers, please register in the app and visit your nearest Al Ansari Exchange branch with the relevant ID documents to complete the registration process. 3. Select your beneficiary and lock the exchange rate for the next 4 hours [Office timings only]. 4. Give your mobile number at any Al Ansari Exchange branch and make payment – Vroom... Your money remitted at a rate agreed earlier with you!!! Superb.

    Western Union
    • Western Union
    • The power to send money around the world is in your pocket with the Western Union Money Transfer® app. •Send money on-the-go, anytime, to more than 200 countries and territories. •Send money to hundreds of companies, with more businesses added regularly. •Set up money transfers on your mobile and complete them at an agent location. •Track a money transfer directly from your mobile device. •Map to agent locations, and get directions, hours, and a list of services. •Figure out the estimated price of your transaction before send. •View past or pending transactions and update your contacts, personal information, and payment methods. The Western Union® mobile app has everything you need to send money transfers quickly and easily. LEGAL DISCLAIMER *Limits and fees for sending money vary based on the transaction history, receiver’s country, location, and delivery method

    Sharjah Municipality
    • Sharjah Municipality
    • This App is useful for vehicle owners to compose a request SMS for parking tickets from Sharjah Municipality

    Dubai Fine Payment
    • Dubai Fine Payment
    • The official Dubai Police App is your access to all our smart services. Our app just got more intuitive with the newly added Drive Mode and Police Station Mode to enhance usability. Our new Drive Mode feature allows for faster and safer commute in Dubai. We have also made your visit to our police stations much smarter with the Police Station mode. Download NOW! And be an effective part of the community by contributing toward safety & security through the newly added Police Eye service. Awards # WINNER OF BEST M-GOVERNMENT SERVICE AWARD 2014, 2015, 2016 # WINNER OF WORLD SUMMIT AWARD–M-GOVERNMENT 2014 # WINNER OF HAMDAN BIN MOHAMMED AWARD – SMART GOVERNMENT 2013, 2014, 2015 Main Features: - Police Station Mode - Allows you to check the number of customers waiting at each police station including the average waiting time. You can also issue a ticket before reaching the station to avoid standing in line. - Drive Mode – Drive smart by receiving instant traffic accidents information including the traffic status. - Police Eye - Report any suspicious activity with ease and anonymity.. - My Map – Interactive map with information about traffic accidents, police station locations, 24/7 pharmacies and more. - Report Traffic Violation in Dubai via "We Are All Police", and share your leaderboard rank with friends on social media. - Report Traffic Accidents - Fill a simple accident form in just 3 minutes, take pictures of damaged areas and receive your report via email or SMS. - Activity Feeds – View all your transactions timeline in one view. - MYID - Sign-in using your MYID account and access your profile assets. Bring all your assets under one screen & view all your vehicles, pay all your fines, view cases status & application request. - Customisable - Rearrange and edit your favourite list of services to match your interest. "From a Smart Police to a Smart User." Dubai Police Team Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved, Dubai Police General HQ * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    • FazaaAE
    • The Fazaa program is designed to support and improve the lifestyle through its wide range of supportive programs and services.

    • eDirham
    • eDirham Mobile Application is the mobile application and interface for the eDirham solution. It provide a list of features that allow the registered users to: - Set-up eDirham Wallet (Virtual eDirham Card). - Inquire and pay for their applications in the ministries or eDirham merchants. - Connect the users mobile application with eWallet to be used during the payment. - Generate the eWallet Token ID’s. - Generate card mini statement and check the card balance. The Mobile application is a secure, easy to access, user friendly application that is available and accessible to any user.

    • PlayStation
    • Take your PlayStation® experience with you on your mobile device with the new PlayStation®App! Always be ready to game with features that keep you connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play. Push games from PlayStation®Store to your PS4™ system and be ready to game at home. With the PlayStation®App installed on your mobile device, you can: · see what your friends are playing, compare trophies and view your profile or recent activity. · chat with your friends, receive notifications, game alerts and invitations, then use your mobile device as an on-screen keyboard for your PS4™ system. · browse PlayStation®Store, pick up the latest hit games and add-ons, then push them to your PS4™ system so they are ready when you get home. · take advantage of the in-app second-screen features (when available) for greater challenges and control. · quickly access PlayStation® system guides, manuals, and PlayStation.Blog. A Sony Entertainment Network account and PS4™ system are required to use all of this application's features.

    • X-Box
    • The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. Stay connected to your gaming community on the go, control your Xbox One from the app, and buy new games from the store. With your gaming life all in one place, the Xbox app keeps you connected to the games and gamers that matter most

    • du
    • The fastest way to make the most of du services & manage accounts on the move. Enjoy easy access to these services whether you’re a prepaid, postpaid or enterprise customer.

    • Etisalat
    • Etisalat Mobile App is the innovative selfcare solution available for Etisalat customers giving fast and easy access to several services and features. With an easy navigation experience you can choose new services, recharge and pay bills, ask for support, find service centers and hotspots around you…and a lot more!

    Whoosh VR
    • Whoosh VR
    • Viewing VR images and videos is becoming increasingly popular. We believe everyone should be able to capture, share and re-live moments in 3D while using virtual reality. However, creating your own VR content requires special hardware and is not easy. This is what we set out to change with WhooshVR™. We want you to be able to re-live and share with family and friends your experiences while you were in a special place, at a special occasion, or on holiday - let them visually experience what you did. The WhooshVR™ app enables “user-generated” VR content, in 3D, on any mobile phone, and from any source, without the use of additional hardware or off-device processing. Immersive 3DVR photo capture is achieved with a “single photo shot”. No more time-consuming, tedious, dizzying, or socially awkward photo capture methods. WhooshVR™ is applying user generated virtual reality content in 3D on a mass consumer and social media platform. Capture, Share, and Experience 3DVR!

    Start Business in Dubai
    • Start Business in Dubai
    • Business in Dubai-Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, proudly presents 'Business in Dubai' to our valuable existing and potential clients. 'Business in Dubai' is part of DED’s continuous service enhancement strategy to enrich accessibility of our eServices and smart services. Our new and completely revamped app provides better user experience, easy access to services and improved performance.

    Dubai Calendar
    • Dubai Calendar
    • Dubai Calendar - the official listing of events in Dubai. Find out all about conferences, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, promotions, and events related to culture, art, fashion, health, and sport. Whether you are a business traveler, tourist, or a resident, Dubai’s annual events calendar is the gateway to one of the most exciting cities in the world.

    • iDubai
    • iDubai, a Dubai Municipality application, provides individuals and businesses with lifestyle and business-centric content and tools to help users improve, maintain and advance their quality of life in Dubai. As part of this human-centric approach, the new app contains information, curated content, and smart services designed to meet and anticipate customer expectations. Key features include: 1. Curated articles, events and photographs catered to your lifestyle or business needs. 2. An easy-to-use dashboard not only lets you view the services, but lets you attach, pay, save for later and much more. 3. Track your services at every step of the process. 4. Download and open other Dubai Municipality apps without having to go anywhere else. 5. Explore iDubai today!.

    GDRFA Dubai
    • GDRFA Dubai
    • This application provides you access to the most frequently required services of Dubai Immigration. As a Dubai citizen or resident sponsor, you can o Apply for a visit visa for your relatives o Use the smart gates on the airport with the app if you are registered already for the gates o Apply for a residence entry permit for your family members (Wife and Children) o Apply for new residence for your family members (after they have arrived to the UAE with a residence entry permit) o Renew residence permits for your family members o Transfer your residence to your new passport o Check eForm application, residence application, residence and entry permit status o Apply for fee refund for refused applications and warranty refund for entry permits o Apply for cancelling resident for any sponsored under your sponsorship o You can generate the “travel status report” and the list of people you sponsor (“sponsor and sponsored report”) As a Dubai citizen, you additionally can o Get an Entry Visa for domestic helpers (maids, nannies, etc.) o Request a new or renew it UAE passport As a tourist arriving to Dubai, you can o Extend you’re on arrival visa As a company registered in Dubai, you can: o Extend, renew or cancel an entry permit for anyone your organization sponsors before they enter the UAE o Request Establishment Card or PRO card renewal o Request Establishment Card or PRO card in replacement of a Lost/damaged one o View the list of individuals your organization sponsors o Generate sponsor and sponsored report You can also find the location of Dubai Immigration (GDRFA) office locations, should you need it. You can also get answer for any legal concern related to Dubai immigration rules and policy.

    • WAZE
    • Like everyone else in the world, here in the UAE, we all hate traffic. But if you download Waze, it will give you live updates on the traffic situation on your way home, and alternative exits! You will never be stuck in traffic again!

    • DEWA
    • Check and pay utility bills in Dubai. Just enter your Dewa account number to get your electricity, water, sewage, cooling, housing fee and other charges. Pay via mPay. The app shows various locations of payment centres too. Log complaints by sending coordinates and even images of defects you see. Stay up to date with Dewa news and events. Upside: Great app for sorting out your utilities on the go. Downside: Too early to say if all functionalities work.

    RTA Sharekni
    • RTA Sharekni
    • Not a lift, but you don't want to pay for a cab, and on the way you wanna make some new friends? Well this app is perfect for you! join in on the carpooling revolution! The app allows you to rate the driver, and choose if you would like a man or women driver.

    • Makani
    • Google Maps not able to find the exact location you need? Makani will allow you to search anywhere in the UAE if they have a Makani Number, just key it in to the app and you will be given a detailed route, and be on your way in no time!

    • Mpay
    • The ultimate app to pay all of your bills on the go!

    • Wojhati
    • Planning on making that dreaded journey from Dubai to Sharjah? Download Wojhati and you can plan your journey ahead of time! So you know they perfect time to leave and not get stuck in traffic!

    • Careem
    • Who needs Uber, when we have Careem! UAE drivers, who are brilliant and knows their way around better than we ever will! Plus they offer rides for an excellent price!

    RTA Smart Drive
    • RTA Smart Drive
    • This app is the best offline navigational app that the UAE has to offer, Google Maps doesn't offer offline routes, so if you're short on data, download this and make your way your destinations safely! Plus, it can notify you when you're exceeding the speed limit on any roads!

    Food on Click
    • Food on Click
    • Need a takeaway, download Food on Click with an awesome selection of food across the UAE, you can also filter the payment selections, so if you have no cash, no worries! you can pay on card!

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